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European issues

After the EU referendum – What next? A citizenship lesson

After the EU referendum – What next? is a citizenship lesson to enable students to reflect on the range of issues, questions and concerns they may have relating to the aftermath of the EU referendum (published on TES' Subject Genius Blog for Citizenship).

New videos to aid teaching about Europe, the EU and the Referendum

ACT has recently posted advice and guidance about teaching about Europe, the EU and the Referendum-which will happen this week. Now there are two new videos for Citizenship teachers to use. Both are a product of our colleagues at the Citizenship Foundation. They look at the economic and political arguements involved in the Referendum debate.

New Topical Issues Briefing on Europe, the European Union and the UK

In the second of a series of Topical Issues briefings for teachers, ACT offers guidance to help you explore Europe, the European Union and the UK.

This briefing identifies links with the National Curriculum for Citizenship at key stages 3 and 4, covers the big issues and key concepts, suggests teaching ideas and approaches, highlights opportunities for citizenship action projects and provides links to further resources.

Teaching the European Union with confidence - free conferences and ACT guidance

The EU Referendum will take place on 23 June 2016.

ACT expert advice and guidance for teachers
How can citizenship teachers help young people make sense of the EU debate? What perspectives do your pupils have on Europe, the EU and their own lives and the lives of those in the community? ACT will publish expert advice and guidance on teaching about the EU and Europe near Easter.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 17 Learning about the European Union

The purpose of this training session is to improve participants’ knowledge and understanding of the European Union and equip them with engaging resources and activities to use in the classroom. You can download the module here. LEARNING ABOUT THE EUROPEAN UNION

ACT have developed a range of CPD modules to support the training and development of all those engaged in teaching citizenship. Each module has the same structure with:

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