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Global community

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The origin of this work was something of a lighthearted challenge - to devise a Citizenship education activity about pirates to be used on September 19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The serious aspects however are those that ask about piracy today and explore deep ethical and values questions about the law, human rights and globalisation. View the resource here.

Syria-legal weapons and illegal weapons

As the crisis in Syria continues, much the recent argument between those nations who are concerned about the fighting has been about the moral and legal use of certain weapons. These are complex matters yet of great interest to students. Go to the British Red Cross pages for some really good ideas about discussing these matters.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 11 Global citizenship

This session gives teachers an opportunity to explore their aims as global citizenship educators, and to critically review a range of approaches to global learning in Citizenship. You can download this Module 11 here.

Oxfam Global Citizenship


These activities are grouped into four broad areas: ideas for assemblies; lessons for the under 5s; lesson ideas for ages 5-7; and lesson ideas for ages 7-11.

The series gives teachers the inspiration and the practical tools to incorporate Education for Global Citizenship into their lessons and across their school.

This guide is divided into two main sections:


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