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Critical Media Literacy & Citizenship CPD Resources

These resources were developed for ACT's CPD conference in July 2020 on critical media literacy and citizenship and the role of citizenship in teaching the new RSHE requirements.

Josie Verghese, BBC Young Reporter

Watch her session on Vimeo at 14 minutes 

-BBC Young reporter resources  and

-This is the 'seven types of people who spread misinformation' feature:

Michael Olatokun, Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law

Digital Citizenship and the Rule of Law

Watch his session on Vimeo at 50 minutes

Download the presentation on 'The Rule of Law in the digital age.'

Complete Michael's online open course Citizenship and the Rule of Law 

Helen Blachford and Bryden Joy, ACT Ambassadors, Media literacy course leaders

Practical strategies for teaching Media literacy 

Watch their  session on Vimeo here

Download the presentation 

Helen Blachford and Kirsty White, ACT Ambassadors: 

Planning your Citizenship curriculum to Deliver the RSHE Requirements

Watch their session on vimeo here 

Download the presentation

Stuart Lawrence, Youth Engagement specialist

In conversation with Daryl Henson on citizenship, education and inequality

Watch their session on Facebook here

Stuart and Daryl Henson in conversation on Cit Up straight podcast episode 2


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