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Round table with Minister for School Standards

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Tue, 08/03/2022 - 16:15

Last week, ACT welcomed GCSE Citizenship Studies students, their teachers and Senior Leaders from schools across England, to a virtual round table discussion with School Standards Minister, Robin Walker and chaired by Liz Moorse, ACT Chief Executive. 

Students from schools across the country had the fantastic opportunity to engage with a minister in power, and at the centre government, on a number of important topical issues such as the political engagement of young people, media literacy and sustainable citizenship and climate education. 

Students from Leeds City Academy, Thomas Keble School (Stroud) and The Priory School (Southsea) focused on the Minister's thoughts on the importance of Citizenship education, the links it has to increased democratic participation, and the opportunities students have for taking part in positive active citizenship on issues of concern to them.

It was great to see such support for Citizenship education from the DfE Minister, 

“One of my top priorities as School’s Minister for School Standards is for all young people to leave with the knowledge, skills and values that can prepare you to be active and responsible Citizens in modern Britain. A high quality Citizenship education provides an excellent pathway for schools to prepare pupils to play a full and active part in society. I want to see all schools teaching Citizenship as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.” 

It was clear that the GCSE Citizenship Studies has allowed students to develop knowledge and understanding across a vast range of important, topical and relevant issues that the students cared about. 

Students at Perins School (Hampshire), highlighted the knowledge they had developed in media literacy lessons and asked how DfE will ensure that all young people know how to recognise and deal with conspiracy theories and inaccurate information. Meanwhile Altrincham Grammar School for Girls (Manchester) spoke about their recent human rights lessons and the protection of rights at home and internationally during conflict. Bradfield School (Sheffield) asked the Minister about sustainability and climate education, and whether the DfE Climate education strategy will ensure more young people learn about sustainable citizenship. 

We are grateful to the head teachers and senior leaders present at the round table, as their support for the subject has been essential to ensuring high quality Citizenship flourishes in their schools. 

Ms Mounder, head teacher at Thomas Keble School, highlighted the importance of the academic rigour of the subject and its ability to make conceptual connections across the curriculum, 

“As a school leader, we really need to emphasise the value Citizenship brings to the school curriculum, in terms of balancing the academic rigour and the more holistic, perspective based education that we want for all our students.”

This open and extremely positive student-led discussion about the importance of Citizenship education is essential during a year when we are marking the 20th anniversary of the subject and for ACT. This Ministerial round table is just one of many exciting events being held during the anniversary year, where we are talking about the subject and how we move forward in the future. 

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