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National Citizenship Education Study (NCES)

Complete the teacher and student surveys to help show the national picture of Citizenship education

What is the National Citizenship Education Study?

Watch: Prof. Lee Jerome (Middlesex University) explains the teacher and student NCES surveys

ACT is working with Middlesex University on an innovative national research project to evaluate the impact of Citizenship education in schools. The National Citizenship Education Study (NCES) will allow us to identify and promote best practice going forward, and it will help participating schools to evaluate their own Citizenship and Personal Development provision.

The research has already led to a number of publications for schools, including a review of the existing evidence base and a number of case studies of how schools have interpreted and enacted Citizenship education. The links to these resources are at the bottom of the page.

Use the surveys to improve your Personal Development provision

Ofsted’s renewed focus on Personal Development (PD) has shone a light on how schools achieve a wide range of outcomes, most of which are very difficult to measure. We’ve created a downloadable asset that will explain more about our research and how it can be used in your school to improve your Personal Development provision.

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Get involved

Browse our FAQs or register for the NCES teacher and student surveys below. Have any further questions? Contact us on: [email protected]

Students paying attention to a lecture

Complete your NCES teacher survey

  • Open to any teacher who leads Citizenship education in school to help us map Citizenship education provision nationwide and pinpoint where we can help more
  • It takes just 15-20 minutes to complete and it’s totally free (but you must complete it in one sitting)
  • You’ll receive your school’s feedback instantly
  • The guidance will signpost support for leadership, curriculum activities, open classroom climate and more
  • Repeat the teacher survey every year (alongside the student surveys) to track progress and work out what helps and hinders the development of our subject.

Help us gather vital information to inform the national picture of Citizenship education today!

Secondary student listening to their teacher during a Citizenship lesson

Benefit from your NCES student survey data

  • Published as an online survey, it will be available for the whole of the summer term
  • You timetable one lesson (40-60 mins) for a minimum of one year group to complete their surveys
  • We provide a PowerPoint for you to use to set up the survey within the context of a lesson
  • We then generate individualised school reports after the survey has closed to help you evaluate your own provision
  • This service is completely free and all student data is anonymised
  • Repeat the activity each year to track individual cohorts over time and compare results between year groups.

Working together we can achieve better outcomes for young people, schools and society.

NCES student survey: registration form

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Frequently asked questions

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