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Citizenship Essentials to help you plan or update your Citizenship curriculum provision

We have pulled together our Citizenship Essentials to help Citizenship subject leaders and teachers plan or update their Citizenship curriculum provision.

Below are links to key ACT resources, some of which are free for the public to access and some of which can be accessed through association membership. This selection will help Citizenship subject leaders and teachers plan and update their Citizenship provision.                                                 

NCS Teaching Guide

The Teaching Guide is part of a set of materials written and developed by ACT in partnership with NCS trust. Download here (pdf)

The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship

'The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship' is a new publication that offers guidance to schools and teachers as they consider and develop their response to the Prevent Duty.

General Election 2015 - FREE materials for teachers

General Election 2015 - FREE material for teachers

Parliament has been brought to a close and the General Election is just around the corner.

Teaching Citizenship Issue 41 is full of ideas, resources, lesson plans, useful articles and briefings to help you teach about the election. Click here to download a special extract.

Citizenship and Financial Education

ACT has created three resources to support Financial education within Citizenship, especially in Key Stage 3. This work was undertaken in collaboration with IfS University College in 2014 and the materials were given to teachers at the 2014 ACT National Conference and subsequently refined following commentary. There are three member-only resources:

1. The Big Picture of Citizenship and Financial education

NC 2014 Resources and materials to support Citizenship - a digest for teachers

This resources digest has been put together by the Expert Group for Citizenship.

The Expert Group for Citizenship comprises teachers and others from the subject community and works together to promote best practice in teaching the revised National Curriculum. The Group is supported by the DFE.

Assessing Citizenship - Example assessment activities for key stage 3

The booklet 'Assessing Citizenship' was developed with teachers by the former organisation the QCA to support effective assessment practice in Citizenship. The booklet was produced in 2006 before level descriptions were created for the subject.

The materials aim to:

Resources to help you explain all about Citizenship

It can be very challenging to explain to colleagues and others what Citizenship is all about. In fact some head teachers and subject colleagues still believe that Citizenship was axed in the curriculum review. It was not. Citizenship is part of the KS3 and 4 national curriculum and the GCSE remains, as does the A Level. In order to help with clarity, ACT has produced some new style posters that can be downloaded and displayed in the classroom or staff room or used at governors meetings.


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