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‘Citizenship Today - Edexcel GCSE Student’s Book 4th Edition’ published by Collins

‘Citizenship Today - Edexcel GCSE Student’s Book 4th Edition’ published by Collins has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

The book includes:

  • engaging starting points for each topic
  • contemporary case studies that bring different aspects of each topic to life
  • questions to check understanding and to engage pupils and deepen learning
  • key discussion points on each topic to promote debate
  • A whole section of the resource is dedicated to choosing, planning, undertaking and evaluating students' own Citizenship action.

    The book also supports student preparation for examination with:

  • starting points for revision and independent research
  • practice questions and sample answers
  • This resource has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for the Citizenship Teaching Resources on this website. The ACT assessment panel said,

    “The Collins ‘Citizenship Today – Edexcel GCSE Student’s book 4th Edition’ is a thorough, well developed resource that should enable students to effectively address the required objectives of the Edexcel GCSE Citizenship Studies qualification. A real strength is the way in which active citizenship is included to ensures candidates develop, deepen and apply their citizenship knowledge and skills in relation to real world issues and contexts.”

    'Citizenship Today - Edexcel GCSE Student's Book 4th Edition' is a priced publication available as a paperback. It can be ordered online via the Collins website.

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    Excellent, planning the new schemes is easy with this book and the teachers guide which is packed full of resources. Only problem. Is their a revision guide to accompany these text books?
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