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Briefing for Schools on political education, maintaining impartiality and avoiding partisan activity

This briefing is based on DFE advice to schools. It summarises key things for schools to consider when teaching politics and political issues in a broad and balanced curriculum. It summarises relevant aspects of the law in relation to remaining impartial and avoiding partisan activity.


Political education is an important part of a broad and balanced education that prepares young people for adult life, and we want young people to be informed and engaged citizens. Teaching about the political system including voting and elections, and consideration of political issues is a key part of national curriculum citizenship.


There are clear references in law for councils, governing bodies and school leaders to follow to avoid biased or unbalanced discussion of political issues. This has been the case since the Education Act 1996 was introduced. Schools should be aware of their duties regarding impartiality and balanced treatment of political issues in the classroom.

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