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Citizenship and Financial Education

ACT has created three resources to support Financial education within Citizenship, especially in Key Stage 3. This work was undertaken in collaboration with IfS University College in 2014 and the materials were given to teachers at the 2014 ACT National Conference and subsequently refined following commentary. There are three member-only resources:

1. The Big Picture of Citizenship and Financial education

2. A possible Programme of Study for Financial education in Citizenship in Key Stage 3

3. A Year 7 Scheme of Work for Financial education in Citizenship

ACT and IfS University College know that these offerings are not the final word on Financial education in Citizenship but we feel that they are a useful catlyst for teachers to create great lessons from the Key Stage 3 Citizenship curriculum so that thinking can be shared across schools and regions. ACT would like to thank IfS University College for their support and collaboration in developing these resources.

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