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The Deliberative Classroom General Guidance for Teachers

The Deliberative Classroom General Guidance for teachers explains why schools need to address topical issues in the curriculum as part of their work to build resilience to radicalisation and extremism and develop understanding of democracy and citizenship. The resources support teachers in developing student knowledge and skills of critical thinking that are necessary for informed debate.

The Guidance also:

  • sets out the policy context in relation to fundamental British values, Prevent, Citizenship and the Equalities Duty
  • discusses the nature of controversial and sensitive issues
  • considers the role of the teacher in creating safe spaces for the exploration of such issues as part of building an understanding of democracy
  • encourages learning through debate as well as learning to debate
  • explores the key concepts developed through the resources: democracy; equality; liberty; religious freedom; freedom of speech; hate and violence; and
  • describes the curriculum opportunities and links within the subjects of Citizenship, RE, History and English.

The General Guidance is accompanied by resource packs on ‘Religious freedom’ and 'Democracy, protest and change', which include teacher topic briefings, lesson plans and student resources.

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