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Deliberative Classroom: Religious Freedom

The resources in this Deliberative Classroom pack focus on the topic of Religious Freedom. The pack begins with a briefing paper to help teachers think about the depth of conceptual knowledge students need as they learn about freedom and religious freedom. Additional reading and resources are also suggested.

Three lesson plans with activity instructions are accompanied by ready to use student resources.

Lesson 1 - 'Free to believe?' includes activities to explore the nature and limits of religious freedom in a historical context and over time. Students use case studies on themes to explore issues such as  'What happens if beliefs are dangerous or lead to harm?'

Lesson 2 - 'Religious Freedom in school' includes an activity to help students develop proposals to interpret religious freedom in the school context as part of developing a school resolution. This includes debating proposals and tabling amendments as students work towards consensus or a majority that support the resolution.

Lesson 3 - 'Free to ban?' is the final activity designed to enable students to draw on their previous discussions to debate whether religious freedom can be used to justify discrimination and banning others' activities. The activity uses a competitive debate to help students build and critique arguments about freedom.

Each lesson is designed to be used in about 60 minutes and can be adapted to suit different teaching approaches.

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