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Get set for the general election! Pre-election resources for Key Stages 2 and 3

Key stage 2 (ages 7-11) • Politics, Parliament & Government • Assemblies & fact sheets

Get set for the general election! Pre-election resources

These primary (KS2) and secondary (KS3) packs have been designed by ACT to help you prepare pupils for the upcoming general election. They each consist of five sessions that introduce pupils to key knowledge that will help them understand and engage with this important event for the UK’s democracy.

The packs consist of a teacher’s guide and five presentations (one per session). Each session is in four parts:

  • A short, engaging starter activity – introducing the topic covered by the session, recapping on previous learning
  • Get informed – key knowledge about the topic
  • Look deeper – additional knowledge and discussion points to encourage pupils to think about why things are the way they are
  • Get set for the general election! – an activity to help pupils relate what they have learnt in the session to the upcoming general election

The sessions have been designed to be flexible enough for delivery in lesson time, assemblies, tutor time (at secondary level), or a combination of these. The content is appropriate for all teachers to deliver, regardless of subject background.

Equip Your Students for General Election 24: High-quality Citizenship Resources

Empower your students to navigate the upcoming General Election with confidence.

As Citizenship teachers, we have a critical role to play in preparing the next generation of informed citizens. The General Election 2024 presents a unique opportunity to engage students in the democratic process and foster their active participation. Our collection of high-quality citizenship teaching resources provides you with the tools to cultivate informed, critical thinkers ready to shape their future.

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