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Are elections the best way to decide who runs the country? (Complete scheme of work)

Key stage 3 (ages 11-14) • Politics, Parliament & Government • Core Curriculum

Are elections the best way to decide who runs the country?

About this scheme of work

This scheme of work focuses on voting and elections.

Students develop an understanding of elections in the context of democracy. They learn about local and national elections in the UK and how a government is formed. They explore different voting systems and consider whether we should keep our first past the post system. They then focus on the importance of elections being free and fair, investigating case studies from less democratic countries and finding out how we ensure elections are free and fair in the UK. They explore some of the reasons why so many adults in the UK don’t vote, including voter apathy and barriers to voting. Finally, they bring together their learning across the scheme in a debate about the future of the electoral system in the UK.

This scheme of work forms part of our model core curriculum which is exclusively available to School and College Members.

National curriculum links
The operation of Parliament, including voting and elections; understanding of government, democracy and the rights and responsibilities of citizens; use and apply knowledge and understanding while debating, evaluating viewpoints and presenting reasoned arguments

Citizenship skills
Interpreting data, analysis, evaluation, discussion, oracy, debate, representing views to others

Citizenship concepts
Democracy, rights, responsibilities, legislation, fairness, freedom, change

Building progression
This scheme of work is part of ACT’s model core curriculum for Citizenship in secondary schools, which has been designed to develop and deepen students’ knowledge, skills and understanding throughout Key Stages 3 and 4. Other units linked to this scheme of work include:

Year 10: Should the UK be called a democracy?

Year 11: How can we become future political leaders?

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