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Journeys to Citizenship. Exploring the experiences of new citizens in the UK.

This resource was devised by Professor Bridget Byrne* in association with ACT. Professor Byrne carried out interviews with new entrants to the UK in 2017, asking especially about their experiences of becoming a British citizen and why they chose to do this. The case studies are real and raise interesting questions about identity and belonging. They can be used within lessons that explore aspects of Britishness and British values. The case studies also tell of disturbing stories of the process of choosing to become a citizen and reflect on the nature of belonging. The resource outlines an approach the Citizenship teacher might take and signposts some pedagogical approaches, including those linked to the Deliberative Classroom.

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*Bridget Byrne is a Professor in Sociology and Director of the Centre on the Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) at Manchester University.

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