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Starter Activities for the classroom

At our recent virtual staffroom we discussed possible difficulties of movement between classrooms and students arriving in class before the staff. What activities could help to prevent lost learning and keep students focused? 

Here are a range of simple activities that we hope you find could be useful and could be adapted to suit different classes. These could be displayed on boards, sent via email, or printed in A5 size books in advance for pupils to work through. 

Thank you to our ACT teachers who have provided these ideas to us. 

Here is a powerpoint of ideas for different starter activites

Additional ideas:

Retreival Grid Where power resides 

Retrieval Grid Criminal and Civil Law

Retrieval Grid Fairness and Justice in decision making

Revision Map Democracy and Voting

Revision Map EU and Europe

Multiple choice quiz and answers

Revision clock and user guide

Adaptable Citizenship essay template


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