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New Expert Led Teacher CPD - Teaching Equality and Human Rights

26 May 2021 5-6pm

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In the first of a new series of subject knowledge enhancement webinars we are delighted to welcome colleagues from the Equality and Human Rights Commission for a session on 'Teaching Equality and Human Rights - empowering pupils to be active citizens'.

This webinar will start with a presentation from Denise Morrisroe and Elena Jurado who both work at the Commission and will be followed by a questions and answer session for teachers.

This CPD is designed to help you build your subject knowledge about equalities and human rights and the role of the Commision, and address the teaching requirements of the Citizenship Programmes of Study and GCSE specifications.

ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme - webinar

Thursday 24 June 4.30pm-5.30pm

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The ACTive Citizenship Award Scheme has been developed in partnership with First News. This webinar will take you through the active citizenship process and show you how using the Award can enhance your citizenship provision and give pupils a real experience of practical, democratic citizenship. The session is ideal for teachers whether you have already signed up and begun to use the Award or are new to it and wish to find out more.

Suitable for both primary and secondary teachers, as well as those who are responsible for citizenship, personal development, enrichment, RSHE, PSHE and pupil voice.

For more about the ACTive citizenship Award Scheme see here.


CPD Conference: How do select committees work? How can pupils get involved?

This event has already taken place 

See the conference presentations and resources 

This online conference took place on Friday 19 March 2021 hosted by ACT and UK Parliament's Education and Engagement team. We explored how UK Parliament and citizens hold those in power to account through Select Committees. Find out how your pupils can get involved. Hear from a range of guest speakers including:

  • Baroness Martha Lane-Fox, Chair of Covid 19 Committee
  • UK Parliament Select Committee Engagement Team
  • ACT Teaching Ambassadors.

GCSE Citizenship Studies Teacher Support Networkimage of notebook with notes about the GCSE network

28 April 2021 5pm

If you missed our recent meeting you can watch it again here

Join our Facebook group: GCSE Citizenship Exam Support

An essential network for all GCSE teachers who want to become part of a structure to share practice and expertise.

Media Literacy CPD 

This course is designed by two ACT Ambassador teachers Helen Blachford and Bryden Joy. The course is for secondary teachers who are looking to build their subject knowledge and pedagogy to teach media literacy through citizenship. Sessions will address both national curriculum and GCSE requirements in relation to teaching about the media and building pupils media literacy and digital literacy skills.

Teachers will become:

-confident in using key terms to teach media literacy

-adept at using critical thinking and other pedagogies

-skilled at using news and media topical issues to build resilience and counter negative news effects

For those who complete all 3 parts you will receive an official CPD certificate from ACT. 

Details of a new course COMING SOON

Tailored school-based CPD 

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