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Thu, 07/02/2013 - 15:45


ACT welcomes the decision by the DfE to abandon plans for sweeping changes to the GCSE examinations system. The decision to abandon these changes means that the planned EBC structure, which excluded Citizenship, will not be rolled out. GCSE Citizenship Studies will therefore remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, though the subject is not part of the Ebac subjects that schools already make use of.

Citizenship Studies at GCSE may well still experience changes in the future as revisions to short and full courses and A Level happens, but the more measured approach that the DfE may now take is to be welcomed. Citizenship Studies is still one the fastest growing GCSE examinations with over 100,000 candidates sitting the exams in 2012. Top universities including the Russell Group recognise the worth of the subject at A Level and schools have found great success with the GCSE, despite the challenges of the examination. The examination is regarded as rigorous with a powerful blend of knowledge and understanding about politics, the law and society along with active citizenship at the heart of the course.

ACT hopes that the DfE will continue to value this GCSE. ACT will support the work of both the DfE and the three exam boards to continue to improve standards in Citizenship Studies examinations in the future.

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