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20 lessons for 20 years - Religious freedom

Key stage 3 (ages 11-14) • Human Rights

This lesson has been written by Dr Lee Jerome, as part of his deliberative classroom resource, and encourages students to discuss the principles of religious freedom and tolerance and to consider criteria for limiting such freedoms. A draft resolution is provided, which the teacher may want to alter to provide more or less controversy or to reflect the religious diversity (or lack of it) in the school. Students should then have an opportunity to debate the proposal and table amendments to seek a consensus or at least to maximise the majority supporting the final proposal. This lesson has close cross-curricular links with RS.

This lesson is part of our 20 Lessons for 20 Years collection celebrating the fantastic work that is carried out every day in our Citizenship community of teachers.  Our Citizenship teachers have shared their favourite lessons that encompass the knowledge, skills and understanding pupils develop through Citizenship education.