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20 lessons for 20 years - What are human rights?

Key stage 3 (ages 11-14) • Human Rights • Lesson and support materials

What are Human Rights?

This is an introductory lesson to human rights, to get students thinking about their own perceptions of what ‘human rights’ are, what it means to have rights, and the potential implications if a right is taken away.


This lesson is part of our 20 Lessons for 20 Years collection celebrating the fantastic work that is carried out every day in our Citizenship community of teachers.  Our Citizenship teachers have shared their favourite lessons that encompass the knowledge, skills and understanding pupils develop through Citizenship education.

The Human rights linking activity has always been a favourite of mine.  I like a lot of discussion and debate in lessons. Lots of playing with ideas and concepts and pushing students to think in more depth and outside of their usual viewpoint.

Dr Verity Currie
Assistant Headteacher at Enfield Grammar School and ACT Council Member