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How can we become future political leaders? (Complete scheme of work)

Key stage 4 (ages 14-16) • New to Citizenship • Core Curriculum

How can we become the future political leaders?

This scheme of work is part of ACT’s key stage 4 model curriculum and addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum for Citizenship using a key enquiry question –  How can we become the future political leaders? – as the focus. It forms part of our model core curriculum which is exclusively available to School and College Members.

The sequence of 6 lessons is designed around questions to enable students to build knowledge and understanding of political systems, government, voting and elections. In addition, students will explore ways in which they can develop their political leadership through advocacy, the use of media and through a range of careers and roles in politics. In short, you are preparing and inspiring your citizenship students to become future political leaders.

Key stage 4 Citizenship National Curriculum requirement:
  • parliamentary democracy including the different electoral systems used in and beyond the United Kingdom
  • other systems and forms of government, both democratic and non-democratic, beyond the United Kingdom
  • the different ways in which a citizen can contribute to the improvement of their community.

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