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Does our legal system protect citizens' rights? (Complete scheme of work)

Key stage 4 (ages 14-16) • Law & The Justice System • Core Curriculum

Does our legal system protect citizens’ rights?

This scheme of work is part of ACT’s key stage 4 model curriculum and addresses the requirements of the National Curriculum for Citizenship using a key enquiry as the focus. It forms part of our model core curriculum which is exclusively available to School and College Members.

The sequence of 6 lessons is designed around questions to enable students to build knowledge and understanding of the law and the legal system including: criminal and civil justice; the judicial process and role of citizens in justice; legal rights, sanctions; and how well prison works. Students also explore case studies from other countries to consider different approaches to sanctions for crimes.

The lessons address content that relates to GCSE Citizenship Studies requirements and supports the promotion of the DfE British Values.

Key stage 4 Citizenship National Curriculum requirement:

develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the role of law and the justice system in our society and how laws are shaped and enforced the legal system in the UK, different sources of law and how the law helps society deal with complex problems.

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