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Evaluation skills

Working with and learning from two very established organisations, Newseum and PBS.

Citizenship Teacher Sera Shortland reporting on day two of the Media Literacy Educators' Exchange Programme, working with and learning from two very established organisations, Newseum and PBS. 

Integrating History and Citizenship

Jennifer Brouhard, a fifth grade teacher, revisits the relationship between history and citizenship education and presents a scheme of work highlighting some of the fruitful questions that can be considered when combining these two subjects.

Using debating in the classroom

Amanda Moorghen, Projects Officer at the English Speaking Union, tackles some of the obstacles to using debate before sharing some practical tips for getting started.
This will be useful when planning a debate with your students.

Philanthropy in Schools

Sabina Wojtowicz, Philanthropy in Schools Programme Coordinator at the Big Give and Danny Gill, Director of Social Impact at the Dragon School, share their experience of a programme which encourages pupils to explore the work of charities and think about the work they do

Exploring issues of extremism and radicalisation through enquiry - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Exploring issues of extremism and radicalisation through enquiry

Ryan Mason, Assistant Head Teacher and Teacher in Charge of Citizenship, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at Addey and Stanhope School in London.

This project focused on critical thinking through six Citizenship lessons with Year 9 pupils. Pupils explored concepts of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism from different perspectives and carried out independent and small group research using enquiry methodologies.

NCS Make it Happen Social Action Toolkit

The ‘Make it Happen!’ Social Action Toolkit is designed for use by learners with activities and tips for organising successful social action undertaken as part of their citizenship curriculum.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 14 Critical thinking in citizenship education

The aim of this module is to examine the nature of critical thinking and its importance in citizenship education and in society at large. Colleagues are introduced to different ways in which critical thinking can be nurtured. You cand download this module here. CRITICAL THINKING IN CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION

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