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New ACT materials & training for Citizenship NC 2014

The first phase of ACT guidance and materials to support the revised National Curriculum for Citizenship at Key Stages 3 and 4 is now available. Further guidance will be published later this year.  

New ACT Training and CPD courses are also available. Book now!

Citizenship in the curriculum

During the early years and primary education, Citizenship helps children's social development enabling them to engage with others, to devlelop understanding of their communties and society, and providing opportunities for responsible and active citizenship. Read more...

Citizenship education develops knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens. Pupils learn about politics, parliament and voting as well as rights, justice and the law. Pupils also learn the skills of active citizenship. Read more...

Providing post 16 Citizenship ensures learners at school, college or in work based training continue to build their understanding of how society works as they enter adulthood. Some learners will study Citizenship as an A level while others will enjoy experiences of active citizenship. Read more...

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